Photo credit: Frank Guerra


From experimental to extreme, we collected nineteen videos that were recently unveiled. Enjoy!


01) Wayfarer – “To Enter My House Justified”

Denver’s Wayfarer are set to release their fifth album, American Gothic, on October 27th through Profound Lore (USA) // Century Media Records (EU) (pre-order here). You can get a taste of their distinctive fusion of black metal, gothic country, and Americana in the new single, “To Enter My House Justified,” via their recent video featuring “Denver Sound” legend Munly J. Munly and Michael Rouse, directed by Alex Pace.


Shane McCarthy (Guitars, Vocals) commented: 

“‘To Enter My House Justified’ is one of the first pieces we wrote for the new record, and certainly is one of the more visceral tracks on it. Aggressive and to the point, it tells the story of a desperate search for respite in a world where powers are changing. The song is an important cornerstone of the record, and we are thrilled to present it with this striking video that our close associate Alex Pace helped create alongside us. It was an IMMENSE honor to have Munly J. Munly, of Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, Munly and the Lupercalians, DBUK and so many more seminal Colorado music acts perform as the star of the video. His presence in it is incredibly strong. The video also stars Michael Rouse (of Ghosts of Glaciers), and while it is in part a lens into the world of the record, it is also a bit of a nod to the American films of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s which painted the ‘Western’ in a darker and more brutally honest light.”


Watch the clip below:


Track List:

01) The Thousand Tombs Of Western Promise

02) The Cattle Thief     

03) Reaper On The Oilfields   

04) To Enter My House Justified        

05) A High Plains Eulogy        

06) 1934           

07)Black Plumes Over God’s Country

08) False Constellation




02) Return to Dust – “Cellophane”

Photo Credit – Matt Akana


Los Angeles-based grunge trio Return to Dust have recently shared a video for their new single, “Cellophane,” from their debut EP, The Black Road, via Jim Kaufman Productions (order here). 


The band commented:

“Cellophane is about fabrication. Whether it’s you trying to be someone you’re not or someone portraying you falsely, there is always a truth somewhere below the plastic. The video highlights feelings of entrapment whether it’s fighting heavy chains under water or more extreme examples like an entire bedroom being covered in cellophane.”

Video director Matt Akana added:

“We all pushed ourselves far out of our comfort zones to create the best visual we’ve made. The track has such depth and darkness to it that we wanted to reflect that on the screen as well as channel feelings of discomfort, hopelessness and rage in the viewers. We really leaned into visually representing the lyrics on screen and created an underwater world of darkness, rooms wrapped in plastic and bloody hearts.”


Watch the clip below:


Track List:

01) Black Road

02) Belly Up

03) Anyway I Die

04) Cellophane

05) Losing Faith