Nine Videos to check out this week – 2/18

Posted by on February 18, 2022


09) Foscor – “Misofonia”



Foscor have shared a music video for the song “Misofonia,” to celebrate the band’s overall 20th anniversary. The track has previously only appeared on bonus physical editions of their 2017 album, Les Irreals Visions


The group comments:

“We wished but never expected to accomplish 20 years as a band, and even less to have no chance to celebrate it as we have always done with past important episodes, playing live and gathering as many friends around as possible.

When the pandemic locked everything down, some of us also lived some of the hardest moments of our lives due to other circumstances, worsened by the isolation and emotional challenge that mankind has dealt with. Everything started taking shape when thinking on how getting closer to you all and share some of those so intimate struggles.

The B-side ‘Misofonia’ (Misophonia), literally “hatred of sound,” developed a putative disorder of uncertain classification in which negative emotions, thoughts, and physical reactions are triggered by specific sounds. Working on a video for that song and translating its real meaning into a common dialogue of metaphors and factors we, as individuals, have and are continuously dealing with, was like a first act of offering and redemption with you and ourselves.

The music video turns the sound disorder into a dialogue between our own refuges and the city itself, both full of challenging and disturbing threats as you probably have tested during these last two years.

While we assure you that there will be more music and visual stimulation during the next months, in order to celebrate these two decades as a band, the release of ‘Misofonia’ and ‘Traces Mòrbides’ along a very special commemorative apparel design, make us feel joyful and grateful.

Hope you enjoy and share the celebration!

To all of us, and for many more years of tragic darkness…”


Watch the clip below:



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