Ne Obliviscaris’ drummer performs exclusive play-thoughs for Sick Drummer Magazine

Posted by on November 17, 2014


Austrailian based Ne Obliviscaris (Latin: forget not), just released their second album Citadel last week via Season of Mist records, and in light of its inherent awesomeness, Sick Drummer Magazine decided to have their drummer Dan Presland come in to do an exclusive play-through videos for the two songs “Of Petrichor Weaves Black Noise,” and “Tapestry of a Starless Abstract,” off of their debut album Portal of I. Presland makes the extreme precision required to play though these 7+ minute long songs look positively casual.


Their bassist Cygnus also likes to post his own play-though videos, and needless to say, I won’t be trying out for Ne Ob’s rhythm section anytime soon


Citadel is available for purchase, as well as streaming on Decibel magazine here.

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