Music Videos of the Week – Oct 21 – 27

Posted by on October 28, 2016


This week was a bit difficult to choose from, as I already know I left off a few good ones from this list. However, these videos range from being out of this world to having an entire morbid story line. Here are this week’s top five music videos.


5) Netherlands – “Alien Pussy”

A bit out of the ordinary, as the Netherlands premiered the video “Alien Pussy” from their latest album Audubon via Prosthetic Records. The song has quite a few psychedelic grooves where the visuals remain a bit bizarre. Additionally, this video was shot on 16mm film and hand-animated by Kenny Curwood. It is unique which is why it is on this week’s top five.


4) Entombed A.D. – “Dead Dawn”

Swedish death metallers Entombed A.D. released the title track video from the album Dead Dawn that was released earlier this year. Not only that, they announced a 2017 North American Tour to go along with it. For some reason, the video reminds me of a few horror films including Dawn of the Dead, Evil Dead, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre; you should check it out.


3) KoRn – “Take Me”

KoRn’s new album The Serenity of Suffering via RoadRunner Records has been out for a full week, and now we have another music video with “Take Me.” The video moves a bit differently than the prior “A Different World” that was released a few weeks ago. It has a fuzzier and out of focus look where images become more apparent while seeing each member.


2) Dark Tranquillity – “Forward Momentum”

One week away from Dark Tranquillity’s eleventh studio album Atoma via Century Media Records releases. With that, they unveiled the new video of “Forward Momentum” as the imagery alone will drive you into an emotional journey.


1)  Whitechapel – “Bring Me Home”

Whitechapel’s sixth studio album Mark of the Blade via Metal Blade Records was the first to feature clean vocals from Phil Bozeman. The video of “Bring Me Home” off of the album is an emotional journey as you witness a father and son walking together in the sand. As the video continues, it gets darker as you notice the son is having a difficult time facing the reality of losing his father as it concludes seeing Bozeman at the official gravesite.

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