Mötley Crüe are going ‘Home’ for real estate ad

Posted by on January 24, 2014


Wanna know how to tell when you’re getting old? One way would be when a song from a band that 30 years ago was considered satanic is featured in an ad suggesting that the viewer shell out a few hundred grand on a mortgage. In a Coldwell Banker ad premiering on this Sunday’s Grammy awards, the Crüe’s “Home Sweet Home” plays over a montage of people arriving back at their home. Backing into a garage, kicking off your shoes, jumping into a pool, chilling on the deck of your mansion overlooking the ocean – all of those scenarios play out over the music of the band’s power ballad, which stayed on the top of MTV’s most-requested chart for three months back in 1985. As to what Mötley Crüe do when they get home, you should probably read The Dirt. Will Coldwell Banker be able to make the #homerocks hashtag stick? Guess we’ll find out.


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