Monster Magnet puts up The Duke

Posted by on October 7, 2014


We already know that Monster Magnet are remixing, er, re-imagining 2013’s Lost PatrolMilking the Stars: A Re-Imagining of Lost Patrol will be out on November 17th, but in advance of that, the band have released a cool animated video for “The Duke.” Directed by Phil Mucci (Pig Destroyer, Stone Sour), the video is a stylistic clip that Mucci calls “fever dream pulp cinema.” Here’s what Wyndorf says about the clip:

“When I was a kid I’d sit in my room with my eyes closed, listening to albums and dreaming up spectacular images and stories to go along with the music. Ah, nothing beats youthful imagination. Fast forward to today and Monster Magnet has done plenty of music videos and try as I have, none of them ever replicated that particular hallucinatory fever that gripped me when I was young. That is until now. Phil Mucci has captured the ‘science fiction noir’ elements of Last Patrol and Milking The Stars and mainlined them into ‘The Duke’. And I didn’t have to do anything but provide the music and make a few notes. Oh, and have a few (extremely enjoyable) conversations with him on the phone.”

The video premiered earlier today on Brooklyn Vegan and Invisible Oranges. The new, er, re-imagined album can be ordered here.


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