It looks like Metallica’s show last night in Bogota, Colombia was one for the ages. With “Atlas Rise” having debuted on Halloween, the band was free to play it live, which they did, giving the song it’s live debut six songs into an 18-song set. Not surprisingly, they nailed it, with the structure of the song, the dual guitars, and the driving rhythm of the song translating nicely.

What was really surprising was the appearance of Doris in the crowd. If you’re not aware of who Doris is, take a look at the cover of …And Justice For All. That’s the nickname the band and their fans have given the Justice statue that adorns the 1988 album. While we’re assuming that it’s not the actual stage prop that appeared back in the day, it’s still pretty impressive. If it’s fan-made, we’d have to imagine that it’s not something that’s easily smuggled in. Either way, the band Instagrammed it, so it’s approved by them.