attilaA group of moms featured in the online YouTube channel, Daily Disruption, are being asked for their opinions on metal for the review group, Moms on Metal. For episode one they gave Atilla’s “About That Life” an honest review, looking at the video for the song with an artistically critical eye.

“There were just butt shots and a lot of money being thrown at them,”  mom Nancy says.

Mom Nancy, you already have our heart. Leading into the video you called lead singer “Fronz” “actually kind of cool” and that you’ve seen him before (quite possibly because he’s the host of a feature on the channel, Fronzilla Fridays). You pointed out all of his arm things (tattoos)- “sleeves” she says they call them. With that, we had a feeling you might actually like the video, but Metal Moms you have a point. There really is nothing unique about this video and good for you for calling them out on that. Metal listeners, including you, expect more and who better to say it like it is than mom.

“I don’t think she’s wearing underwear,” Mom Nancy pointed out during a series of explicit screen shots.  “…a lot of butt shots. That was brutal.”

In discussing the song lyrics after the video, mom Nancy pointed out,

“I don’t think there’s a theme in here, is there?”

But to wrap it up, she still came to Atilla’s defense, saying that “Fronz” “does some cute videos.” However, this one wasn’t so cute for the Metal Moms, giving the video a complete thumbs down. So in short, both moms and a lot of kids aren’t so about that life. See what else they had to say about the video below.