Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine has teamed up with Reverb to sell guitars, amps, and more. The vocalist/guitarist will open his own Reverb shop on November 4th and it will include almost 150 pieces of gear throughout his entire career.

Mustaine commented: 

“When you’ve been playing and touring for as long as I have, you tend to amass quite a collection of gear. They’re great instruments and they represent more than 40 years of playing, but I’ve got more than I could possibly use myself.

I owe so much to my fans. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t even have all this gear. I’d rather give it back to them than let it sit and collect dust.”


According to the website, items will include:

  • Several Marshall EL34 100/100 Dual Monoblock amps, including one that is autographed and one that still has Mustaine’s settings marked.

  • An Akai MPC1000 drum machine that was used extensively on tour and autographed by Mustaine.

  • Several Zoom G2.1DM Dave Mustaine Signature pedals used by Mustaine on tour as indicated by the gaff tape still on the pedals.

  • A Furman PL-8 Power Conditioner amp autographed by Mustaine and last used on the Vimic song “Fail Me (My Temple),” on which Mustaine is featured.

  • Multiple Fractal Axe FX-11 amps used by Mustaine on tour.

  • A seven-piece DDrum drum kit with art from Peace Sells on the kick drum.

  • A Shure Wireless Megadeth Transmitter System with signed cases.

  • Several acoustic guitars, multiple effects pedals, kick pedals and crash symbols, and more.