Matt Pike talks poop with comedian Rob Delaney

Posted by on January 28, 2014


High on Fire frontman Matt Pike and comedian Rob Delaney have a lot in common. They’re both now sober, they’re both on the road a lot, and they both love High on Fire. In a video interview with Noisey, Delaney and Pike held forth on a variety of topics, including the open letter that Delaney wrote to him upon finding out he was in rehab. “I wanted to drink myself to death,” Pike admits. “I have issues with the way I feel about this place, and it made me feel better about this world, because I knew sooner or later, I’d just croak.” Pike said Delaney’s letter, among others, made him feel better while he was in rehab, and now his outlook’s a lot better. And hey, evidently, the two are now friendly enough to record interviews together. And the interview wasn’t all dark. The pair also discussed their diet on the road, relieving themselves backstage before shows, and adult diapers.


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