Mastodon take the ‘High Road’ with LARPtastic video; they also take bitcoin

Posted by on June 11, 2014


We knew that there would be LARPing in Mastodon’s video for “High Road,” and now the video has finally arrived, and it’s even better than we might have hoped. A nerdy Dungeons and Dragons-playing kid hanging out with his grandomther gives way to some epic LARPing, a fantastic training montage,  and an ending we didn’t see coming. The Roboshobo-directed video is basically a mash-up of Napoleon Dynamite, The Karate Kid, and Role Models and you should watch it now.

It doesn’t seem like the band’s stopping at that video to go full-on geek. In fact, they announced today that they’re accepting bitcoin as payment for the new album. Anyone to pre-order the album using Bitcoin gets an instant download of “High Road” and “Chimes at Midnight” now, and a download of the album on street date. The album will cost about 0.017 BTC, or $10.99. So it looks like Mastodon is looking to the future and the past for the new album.

Once More ‘Round the Sun will be released on June 24th, and Metal Insider is sponsoring a listening party for it this coming Tuesday (17) in New York City. Stay tuned for details.

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