Marty Friedman, the former guitarist of Megadeth, returned triumphantly with his old bandmates during the band’s historic gig at the renowned Budokan venue in Tokyo, Japan, on February 27th. Friedman joined the group for three classic tracks “Countdown To Extinction,” “Tornado Of Souls,” and “Symphony Of Destruction.”


Watch the fan-filmed footage below:



Set List:

01) Hangar 18

02) Dread And The Fugitive Mind

03) The Threat Is Real

04) Angry Again

05) Soldier On!

06) Sweating Bullets

07) Trust

08) Conquer Or Die!

09) Dystopia

10) À Tout Le Monde

11) Countdown To Extinction 

12) Tornado Of Souls 

13) Symphony Of Destruction 

14) We’ll Be Back

15) Peace Sells


16) Holy Wars… The Punishment Due