Machine Head is dropping their new album, Catharsis on January 26th which has frontman, Robb Flynn working the press circuit. This week, the band has posted a three minute clip of Flynn talking about the importance of craftsmanship when creating a physical music product. One of the highlights of the video is when the vocalist compares unwrapping a new CD to unboxing a new iPhone.

“I was look at—and maybe this is making the importance of this too much but I always think that every CD should be like an iPhone. Like, when you get that iPhone, I don’t know if you have an iPhone or not, but you get that iPhone and that box and it’s just a suction *Robb does impressive section noise* You open it and it’s got everything, it’s wrapped perfectly, little things…and it’s like Jesus Christ, it’s like I’m opening up a fucking diamond here and I love that. I love that just the packaging of this thing makes you feel like you have something incredibly special and we in Machine Head apply that same aesthetic to the packaging that we’re putting out.”

Machine Head is offering a lot of different formats for Catharsis over at their website, even including cassette. Pre-order your copy here.

Flynn was recently in the news talking about the lack of heaviness on the new album and how he hates playing festivals. Check out their latest video here.