Machine Head’s frontman launches clothing line

Posted by on July 30, 2015

Metal is a tough business and very few bands make enough out of it to completely make a living without having a day job or other kind of job to pay the bills. While some highly successful bands make enough money to even have their own private jet, others try other endeavors like, let’s say, clothing.

Machine Head’s frontman Robb Flynn is the latest entrepreneur getting into the clothing business with his new line called Killers and Kings and you can take a look at the video below where you can see former All Shall Perish’s Ben Orum doing the printing from his company Weneedmerch.com.

The brand will also target women clothing and after asking for feedback via Facebook, Flynn stated:

Thanks so much for the feedback on the Killers & Kings styles you’d like to see, it is MUCH appreciated! I’m not going to pretend I know what you want because A) I’m a big, dumb guy, and B) MH have clearly not given you what you want!

I do however understand where your coming from.

My wife has complained endlessly about how our merch sucks / fits like shit / looks boxy / has lame designs / isn’t cool / “doesn’t fit her plus-size body cause she isn’t a bean-pole”… on and on (LOL!). I have fought to get Machine Head’s current merch company on board with v-neck, longer stretchier shirts, scoop necks, burn-out shirts, girls hoodies, etc, but they have fought me tooth and nail on it, and because of our deal structure would likely make the girls shirt somewhere in the $45 dollar range (compared to a $30 dollar men’s shirt) and seemed unfair to our female fans.

And while none of this will likely change for MH merch and we continue to offer the same “industry standard” girls stuff… it CAN change for Killers & Kings, as it is 100% in MY control. And while Killers & Kings clothing is not a “band” and I intend to make the effort to have MH and K&K look different, it can still have a similar “vibe”.

I’ve felt for a while that this how you felt, and hearing you guys voice your thoughts confirmed it. So thank you!

On a personal note: I can relate to all of your stories about needing bigger shirts / better fits. As someone who has struggled with my own weight for all of my life, I understand it better than most guys. Being overweight, I know just how much a shirt, pair of pants, or item of clothing can make me look like crap, and even more overweight than I am. SO LADIES, I GET IT!!

K&K will absolutely offer Plus Sizes, and I feel, be the first brand of our kind to offer these things.

Thanks again, for taking the time to get me your thoughts. I’ll throw some designs / graphics ideas up, and you gals can help us choose the girls Killers & Kings designs we launch with.

– Robb

I’m sure Machine Head isn’t exactly broke and Flynn may be just trying something new but the income from that will obviously be very welcome.

[via theprp.com]

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