“Bastards,” the brand new tune by Dropkick Murphys has arrived today (12th), and it’s just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day! Wait, this is January, and surprisingly, this isn’t a Dropkick Murphys track either. In fact, it’s the next single taken from Machine Head’s forthcoming album Catharsis, which will be released on January 26th via Nuclear Blast.

Frontman/Guitarist Robb Flynn has previously warned us that their latest effort isn’t their heaviest, and Decibel Magazine has already shared their distaste for this album. For those who can put all judgements aside, and listen to the track with an open mind along with reading the lyrics, you will appreciate it a lot more than expected.

Listen to “Bastards” below and pre-order the album here.


“Yesterday I told my sons, ‘Sometimes the bad guys win.’

And that it made me scared about the world that we live in

But I had to reassure them that it wouldn’t be for long

Sons we have to be ourselves

We have to be strong


I said, ‘Boys you are the future, so let this be a lesson

There may come a day you have to fight off their aggression

Cause fear and hatred won today, the darkness ate the light,’

But both of you look in my eyes, ‘it’ll be all right.’


In every step you take

I’m with you all the way

Cause I would die for you

And do what’s right for you

In hopes that when I’m gone

You’ll carry on

These words I wrote for you


‘Til then…

I’ll sing


Stand your ground

Don’t let the bastards grind you down

Be bold, be strange

Don’t let their fears make you afraid

There’s hope, they’ll change


Well I looked out to the world today, thought ‘What a bloody mess!’

They stripped our morals from us, put ‘em under house arrest

‘Liberty’ and ‘country’ are the words they need to speak

A little ‘God’, a little ‘freedom’, if we don’t agree we’re weak


And every politician stood there idle and so smug

Empowering the racists and Second Amendment thugs

Wall Street and the billionaires, convinced us they’re so smart

Screaming, ‘Vote with your wallets, instead of with your hearts!’


But we won’t go away!

You won’t forget our name!

The pussy generation, the PC and the brave

The protesters that slink along these streets of misery


And so…

I’ll sing


Stand your ground

Don’t let the bastards grind you down

Be bold, be strange

Don’t let their fears make you afraid

There’s hope, we’ll change

We’ll change

We’ll change


No, no, no, no, no

We say, ‘No, no, no, no, no. Fuck no!’

No, no, no, no, no. Fuck no!


So give us all your f*****s, all your n*****s, and your sp**s

Give us all your Muslims, the so-called terrorists

We’ll welcome ’em with open arms and put ’em in our mix

We’re better off together now, embrace our difference


Remember there is love!

Our words can stop their guns

Forget the rednecks

Living in the past

We’re never going back now, we’ve reached critical mass!


And so…

I’ll sing


Stand my ground

Won’t let the bastards grind me down

I’m bold, I’m strange

Won’t let their fears make me afraid

There’s hope, they’ll change”