Lords of the Trident have announced their new EP, V.G.E.P. (Video Game EP), is set to arrive on October 1st. The EP is inspired by video games and is available exclusively to their $5+ Patreon supporters, along with access to past albums and more. To provide a taste for what’s to come, the group shared a video for the first single, “To Kill a God.”

Frontman Fang VonWrathenstein comments:

“As far as I’m aware, we’re the first band on earth to play the drums while getting hit by lightning. We sent over 100,000 volts of electricity through our drummer as he played, and as cool as it looks on video, it was absolutely breathtaking to see in real life…Good thing, too: getting shocked by those smaller Tesla coils on the front might not immediately kill you, but it would hurt pretty bad. The big one in the back, though? That’s pretty much instant death. His wife kept texting me every 20 minutes to ask if he was still alive!”

Watch the clip below:

Track List:

01) To Kill a God
02) Master of Speed
03) Jet Set City
04) Valerie
05) The Ballad of Jon Milwaukee