Lemmy filmed a milk commercial right before his death

Posted by on January 8, 2016


Last month while on tour in Europe, Motörhead frontman Lemmy filmed a remake of a Finnish milk ad. While the final version of it hadn’t been completed before he died , the marketing company that filmed the ad released an outtake of it as a tribute. On the one hand, it’s actually very sad to watch, as the frontman is walking with a cane and it’s really hard to understand what he’s saying. However, in the outtake, Lemmy’s trademark wit shines through, as he states “I never drank milk, and I never will, you assholes,” while breaking into a grin at the end. We’re not sure what the original commercial was, but the company released this as a tribute with the following postcript:

This is offered in celebration of the life of a lovely, exceptional man – a man who celebrated life so vibrantly himself. We were first shooting a remake of an iconic Finnish milk ad. The tone of this ad that was shot a month ago was changed to make it a heartfelt tribute, however modest. A take that came late in the shoot was selected – one of Lemmy’s brilliant improv moments that was never in the script. This was our magical encounter with a great man – and we’re honoured to share it with the world. Thank you, Lemmy.

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