Korpiklaani premieres “Kuin korpi Nukkuva” Lyric Video

Posted by on October 25, 2018

Korpiklaani has released the lyric video for the song “Kuin korpi nukkuva.” The track is taken from their latest effort Kulkija, which was released on September 7th via Nuclear Blast. Next week, the group will bring their new album to North America as they will embark on a tour with Arkona.

Frontman Jonne commented:

“For some reason, while recording the first demo of this song I kept hearing it as a traditional tango. I haven’t been able to drop that thought, and while playing this live I still hear the tango and drag behind the beat like Topi Sorsakoski. I wanted to leave a trace of that original form and therefore there is a bit of tango in the end of the song. So the tango is not a joke even if it may sound that way. Of course it is also possible that there is a tongue in cheek, but that was the case with Sorsakoski too.

“In a certain way this is a nice and light song, but still also strong and even a little sad. Tuomas Keskimäki’s lyrics are in line with that. The basic message of the lyrics is the importance of living in the moment, which is also one the fine features of Korpiklaani. Thisband has always been able to seize the moment and enjoy life right there and then.”

About “Kuin korpi nukkuva” (Like a Sleeping Forest):

A wanderer dreams of an easy journey on an even road, with the girl of his dreams beside him. Returning home, he feels that he does not belong anywhere. The wanderer does not want to wake, as life is rife with fears and worries. At the end the dream the girl picks a dead flower, he wakes up, he realizes that he must live for today and not for tomorrow.

Check out the video below:


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