Swedish metal maniacs, Kill The Kong, have unleashed their latest sonic onslaught with the heavy-hitting single, “Deepfall,” featuring the esteemed Björn “Speed” Strid (from Soilwork and The Night Flight Orchestra) on guest vocals. This dynamic seven-member outfit, known for their distinctive sound (and wild live shows) consists of two lead vocalists, two guitarists, bassist, percussionist, and drummer, is making waves once again by the power of their musical ingenuity.

With “Deepfall,” Kill The Kong masterfully refines their signature sound, drawing listeners into an immersive experience that’s bound to leave them craving more. This track exemplifies the band’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of their music, solidifying their place as a must-watch act in the metal scene.

Kill The Kong on “DeepFall”

“The journey of ‘Deepfall’ began with distinct origins that evolved when the chorus sparked a transformative trajectory, infusing it with heightened intensity. The commanding central riff instantly captures attention, while the segment that later became Björn Strid’s defining vocal contribution held exceptional quality. Björn’s addition is an honor that enriches the track with a potent essence. The video breathes life into the music, complemented by producer Buster Odeholm (Humanity’s Last Breath, Thrown) who had an impactful role in the song’s realisation. With this fresh approach, we delve into heavier territories, delivering something we feel will quickly resonate with the metal community.”

Kill The Kong continue to work on new songs that are leading up to a future album. Stay tuned for more news.


Watch the video now.