Kid Cries For Iron Maiden While X-Factor Contestant’s Cover Of “Fear Of The Dark” Makes Us Cry

Posted by on October 10, 2011

Our buds at Metal Injection have stumbled upon one video that will make Iron Maiden fans sigh and another that will make them cringe. First is an adorable video of a two year old fan crying because he didn’t get a dose of Iron Maiden that day. It isn’t until his parents play “Fear Of The Dark” in the car that the young fan stops his crying. We’re not trying to say that it’s funny to watch kids crying hysterically (well, it kind of is), but it is pretty damn cute to see him smiling once Maiden is blasted in the car.

The second video is of a contestant on Greece’s version of The X-Factor performing “Fear Of The Dark” back in 2009. If you ever wondered what a Maiden song performed by a creepy 70’s vampire would look and sound like, then this video is for you. While the judges seem to be over-reacting to the auditioner’s take on the Maiden classic (we may not understand what the hell they’re saying, but one judge actually bites another judge), we also don’t think this performance will make Bruce Dickenson change his mind about music reality TV competitions.

You can watch the 2 year old crying over Iron Maiden video above, while the Greek X-Factor contestant’s rendition of “Fear Of The Dark” can be seen after the jump.

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