Jello Biafra joins Napalm Death on stage

Posted by on March 2, 2015

At a recent show at the Oakland Metro Opera House, in Oakland, CA, Jello Biafra joined Napalm Death on stage to sing “Nazi Punks, Fuck Off!” a song originally sang by Jello with the Dead Kennedys way back in 1981. That was the same year that Napalm Death got their start!

We recently asked Napalm Death vocalist Barney Greenway if Nazi punks have ever fucked off:

“No, they didn’t fuck off for quite a while in the early 90’s which is why American gigs were quite fucking hairy at one point! A lot of bands were already intimidated, and so were we, but we said “No, fuck you. This is not acceptable. You’re fucking bullies.” Don’t get me wrong, my opinion I was like what are you fucking angry and ready to fight? The one thing I will say, whilst I abhor that kind of thing, I also respect that people should have the right to say whatever they want, as offensive as it might be. I do respect their right to say it. It’s just when you’ve lived in Europe with the history of the 1930’s and the great proliferation of right wing groups in Europe right now it’s pretty scary right now. You get very fucking nervous when those people start to organize. If it goes too far, there’ll be a fucking civil war like there was in Spain in the 30’s with people going to fight fascism from all over the world, descending on Spain and fighting General Franco and Hitler.”

Napalm Death will be doing a small run of dates in Australia and New Zealand with Carcass in April.


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