iwrestledabearonce working on fourth album

Posted by on December 4, 2014

It looks like iwrestledabearonce will have a new album out in 2015, this through Artery Recordings. Their last album, Late for Nothing, came out in 2013 on Century Media.

The band made their “announcement” via a video posted to Facebook, saying, with a text-to-speech announcement reading:

“hi we’re making a new album which will be released thru artery recordings in 2015.

cum cum heavy cum cum breakdowns cum cum blast beats cum cum brOOlalz cum cum love


According to the band’s Facebook, they’ve been working on a new album since September. The band isn’t listed on the official Artery Recordings “Artists” page just yet, but iwrestledabearonce is featured in a mini-video on the site, announcing the new album in 2015.



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