Iron Reagan’s new music video is easy to digest

Posted by on September 29, 2015

Having released The Tyranny of Will on Relapse Records last year and putting out a music video for “Miserable Failure,” Iron Reagan are back again with a creepy video for “Rat Shit.” This creepy new clip only features live footage of the band, but there’s a great twist at the end (no spoilers, please)!

In an interview with The Runout earlier this year vocalist Tony Foresta spoke of the band’s lyrycs:

“I wanna get a point across, but I don’t want to come off as preachy. I think a lot of bands that are political do that at times, and it almost alienates their fanbase, because they’re not really connecting with them, because they’re just shoving information in their face, like “You should be angry about this!” It’s more like, you should let people know what’s going on, and discuss it, instead of just preaching at them, you know? I think a lot of the more political bands have that problem, and it makes people lose interest.”

Be sure to catch Iron Reagan on tour supporting The Black Dahlia Murder, who are headlining the 10 year anniversary tour of the IndieMerch Store. That tour kicks off October 1st and runs all the way to December 20th, and features Harms Way, Maruta, Goatwhore, Entheos, and Artificial Brain on select dates.


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