Photo Credit – Arturo Pina


Immortal Guardian continue to tease their upcoming album by sporadically releasing new material. The group has unveiled a music video for their latest track, “Roots Run Deep,” featuring guest vocals from Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear, ex-Gamma Ray) alongside lead singer Carlos Zema. The band is recording independently and remotely, track-by-track, for their next album, slated for a late summer release. 


Carlos Zema comments:

“This Super Metal style song brings together the powerful vocals of Mr. Scheepers with Immortal Guardian’s signature sound to create an epic and inspiring anthem. ‘Roots Run Deep’ takes us on a journey back to a time when we were all united before our differences and conflicts divided us. It reminds us that we all share a common history and that as a society we must learn to survive the separations and unite to conquer. With a message of hope, unity, and perseverance, ‘Roots Run Deep’ encourages us to make the world a better place. So let us embrace our shared history and let this song inspire us to make a positive change in the world. Thank you for watching this powerful and inspiring video.”


Guitarist/keyboardist Gabriel Guardian adds:

“‘ Roots Run Deep’ is about the levels of today’s division. Black and white, religion vs religion, left vs right, rich and poor, war and peace, etc.,” further explains guitarist/keyboardist Gabriel Guardian. “The world is so divided right now and what we want more than ever is unity. This song is about putting our differences aside and remembering that we are all humans just trying to survive. We all just want a happy life, and that would be more likely to happen if we all just agreed to disagree and respect each other and celebrate the things that make us all so different and unique.”