Igor Cavalera’s Mixhell release new music video “Killer Whale”

Posted by on April 11, 2019

Back In 2006, legendary drummer Igor Cavalera quit Sepultura due to “artistic differences.” It was only a couple of years after his departure that he reunited with his brother, Max Cavalera, to form the beast that is Cavalera Conspiracy. Now Igor has teamed up with his wife, Laima Leyton and Joe Goddard (Hot Chip’s) to launch Mixhell. In an interview back in 2009 when Mixhell was formed, Igor had the following to say if fans of his previous work will like Mixhell: 

“I don’t know. I really enjoy it, because for me it’s still very, very extreme. My drumming is very energetic. It just has different grooves to it than what I do with Cavalera.”

Check out the new video for Mixhell’s “Killer Whale” below:

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