Photo Credit: Jonathan Weiner


Canadian metalcore outfit Oni are set to release their third album, The Silver Line, on September 22nd via Ironshore Records. Led by Jake Oni, the band’s dynamic blend of progressive roots and contemporary metalcore shines through. The record features a number of guest appearances from artists like Jared Dines, Kellin Quinn, and Howard Jones. Oni have recently shared a video for their latest single, “Aura,” featuring Howard Jones. 


Jake Oni comments:

“This album is different completely from anything I’ve done before. It’s the new direction for ONI sonically with Josh Gilbert and me at the helm writing and Joe McQueen mixing and getting the best vocal takes from me. It’s banger after banger from heavy tracks like ‘Cyanide’ to melodic uplifting songs like ‘Aura’ this album will have something for everyone to enjoy! Aura is a collaboration with friends. It’s always great to work with Howard and Josh. It feels like this song was made a lifetime ago so I’m stoked for everyone to hear it.”


Watch the visualizer below and pre-order the album here:



Track List:

01) Silhouette

02) Spark feat. Sueco

03) Underneath My Skin feat. Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens)

04) Silence In A Room of Lies feat. Jared Dines

05) Cyanide

06) The Dread feat. Justin Hill (SikTh)

07) Aura feat. Howard Jones (Light The Torch) & Josh Gilbert (Spiritbox)

08) Armageddon feat. Michael Lessard (The Contortionist)

09) Burns My Soul