Cryptopsy are gearing up for their new album, As Gomorrah Burns, out September 8th via Nuclear Blast. In case you missed it, these Canadian extreme metallers have shared a video for their latest single, “Flayed The Swine.”


Vocalist Matt McGachy commented:

“‘Flayed the Swine’ is one of the catchiest Cryptopsy songs I have ever written. It is brutal, filled with massive groove sections and extremely vulgar. Lyrically, it concentrates on a mental breakdown, an utter loss of control. We all have dark intentions, but we rarely act upon them. The protagonist by the end of the track most certainly wishes they hadn’t.”


In addition to the new album, Cryptopsy will embark on The Carnival of Death tour with Abysmal Dawn, along with Reaping Asmodeia, Warforged, Hate, and Visceral Disgorge. Check out the tour dates here


Watch the clip below and pre-order the album here


Track List:

01) Lascivious Undivine

02) In Abeyance

03) Godless Deceiver

04) Ill Ender

05) Flayed The Swine

06) The Righteous Lost

07) Obeisant

08) Praise The Filth