Here’s The One Babymetal video you should be watching

Posted by on March 28, 2016

babymetaltheoneThis Friday, the sophomore album from Babymetal, Metal Resistance, will be released, and the band’s done quite a bit so far in their short career, but one thing they’ve never done is sing in English. However, with their most extensive U.S. tour happening in May, that’s about to change. The final song on Metal Resistance is called “The One,” and it’s sung entirely in English. It’s a power ballad that’s more “baby” that “metal,” but featuring some stellar guitar work and a proggy middle section, it’s sure to be a concert staple. Especially if, like in the video for the song, the live version will feature the three floating over the audience in a red metal pyramid.

Metal Resistance is out on Friday (4/1) or as they’re calling it, “Fox Day,” on Red Associated Labels, and can be preordered here.



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