Here’s Asking Alexandria and Korn’s Jonathan Davis’ Duran Duran cover

Posted by on July 23, 2014


Yesterday, when we did our recap of who won what at the inaugural Alternative Press Music Awards, we mentioned that Asking Alexandria was joined by Korn’s Jonathan Davis for a cover of Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like the Wolf.” However, the song wasn’t up online when we searched for it. It’s finally surfaced, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the reason it wasn’t up initially is because it’s horrible. Unrehearsed, sloppy, and with missed cues, it’s played in front of an audience that doesn’t seem to know what’s going on or seem very excited about it. The idea of having a nu-metal icon play a new wave classic with a current band looks good on paper, but it sounded pretty awful in Cleveland. In fact, it’s hard to tell which cover is worse, this one, or Duran Duran’s cover of “White Lines.”


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