Today in “not specifically metal related but still cool” news, here’s Dmitry Morozov with a musical tattoo. On the inside of his left forearm, Morozov has a special barcode tattoo that is part of a projected called Reading My Body in which he uses a sensor that reads the tattoo and produces sound. Here’s a description posted with the video on Vimeo:

this is a special instrument that combines human body and robotic system into a single entity that is designed to automate creative process in an attempt to represent the artist and his instrument as a creative hybrid. The device consists of a railing with comfortable hand holders and two parallel, but offset from each other black lines’ sensors that move along the arm using a stepper motor. It is equipped with a 3-dimensional Wii remote controller that uses the OSC protocol in order to give a possibility of additional expression achieved by moving hand in space.

Obviously, this isn’t something you can just set up and then launch into “Metal Thrashing Mad” (at least not yet), but it’s definitely very cool. For more info on the project, you can go Morozov’s website.

[via CoS]