danzigportlandiaUntil last week, we didn’t know much about Glenn Danzig’s forthcoming appearance on sketch comedy Portlandia except that he’d filmed it and that Glenn was apparently amazing, according to Carrie Brownstein. Then we found out that they would be airing the episode this coming Thursday (11). And today, they put up a clip of his appearance. It looks like it’s poking fun at the goth subculture, with Glenn playing a Transylvanian giving Armisen’s black-clad Marilyn Manson-esque goth some tips for beachwear. Hearing Glenn’s fake Transylvanian accent is fun, especially when he’s overpronouncing words like “Billabong” and “Hurley” while pulling out bright pastel beachwear and telling Armisen’s character that “sometiems to have a good time, you have to dress a little lame.”