Swedish death metal supergroup Grand Cadaver, led by Mikael Stanne, has dropped a new single, “Terminal Exit.” Recorded during last year’s Deities of Deathlike Sleep sessions, the band presents two new tracks on Majestic Mountain Records. The group merges thrash metal with Stockholm’s death metal influences. “Terminal Exit” blends traditional thrash, doom, and progressive rock. The single is available for streaming, with the flipside, “Skinless God,” set for release on May 3rd. Physical copies of the 7″ single will be limited to 250 copies and can be pre-ordered here. 

Mikael Stanne comments:

“With ‘Terminal Exit’ we wanted to tap into primal, raw demonic power. We wanted to go for the kind of sheer heaviness only death metal can provide. At the same time, we wanted to explore what Grand Cadaver is and what Grand Cadaver can be, while still remembering our roots.”

Watch the clip below: