Remember Ghost Ship Octavius? That new project that former Arch Enemy guitarist Christopher Amott and God Forbid guitarist Matt Wicklund  came together to make? Well they went ahead and released a new production sampler video via Matt Wicklund’s Youtube channel. The video shows that the band is going to have some insanely shred-tastic guitar parts. The snippets the video shows alone should also destroy any doubts anyone has about the band’s 17 year-old singer Adon Fanion. The end of the video also promises that Ghost Ship Octavius will be releasing a new single soon.

Ex-Nevermore drummer Van Williams and bassist Sara Claudius round out the order of Ghost Ship Octavius along with Amott, Wicklund and Fanion. The band describes themselves as “melodic progressive heavy metal,” and already has 13 songs penned for a new album. Check out their Facebook page for more information.