Ghost get mystery cowbell player, who’s now likely identified

Posted by on November 1, 2016


If you saw Ghost over the weekend, congratulations for getting in on the Halloween spirit. The band played Texas, and some might have noticed another nameless ghoul onstage, this one playing cowbell. The nameless cowbell player popped up in San Antonio and Lubbock, and the seventh member was caught on Instagram by the band. As Metal Sucks points out, both Lzzy Hale and Dave Grohl have sat in with the band as nameless ghouls, so this could have been anyone.


However, after asking for tips, MS readers might have figured out who it is, and if it turns out to be true, well, he’s still kind of nameless. Any idea who Niels Nielsen is? Maybe if you’re Swedish you do. He’s a musician and friend of the band who’s currently on the road with them. His Instagram account has photos that line up with the band’s shows (for example the night of the San Antonio show, there’s a shot of the venue with the caption “Damn, San Antonio, what a night! What a crowd!”). There are also shots of him wearing a Ghost hat and shouting out Marissa Nadler, the band’s opening act. He might just be on the road with his friends, but if you’re a musician on the road with friends, maybe they’ll give you a mask, a cowbell and a drum stick and tell you to go ham. 

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