Whenever we hear that Red Fang are releasing a new video, we get psyched. After all, they first came to attention via their awesome larping video for “Prehistoric Dog,” then followed it up a few years later with the possibly more awesome video for “Wires.” While Whales and Leeches has been out since October, they’ve finally got around to making a video for the album’s first single, “Blood Like Cream.” It doesn’t disappoint. Starring Fred Armisen, it’s essentially a zombie movie that owes more to Shaun of the Dead than it does The Walking Dead. There are zombies in Portland, and they don’t want brains – they want beer. We’re assuming lots of beer was harmed in the making of the video.

Red Fang will be making their late night television debut on January 10th, playing The Late Show With David Letterman.

[via Rolling Stone]