Foo Fighters’ Sonic Highways are heading to your home

Posted by on February 20, 2015

foomovieThe most recent Foo Fighters album, Sonic Highways, came with a TV series. The HBO series of the same name followed Dave Grohl and friends around to eight different cities, giving the musical history of each area before getting into the nitty gritty and recording a song informed by the city – many of them with artists from those cities. While it made for a pretty interesting album, the show itself was way more engaging -an audio-visual road trip, history lesson and love note to music. Now fans of the Foos will get a chance to own the series, as it’s coming to iTunes and DVD/Blu-Ray on April 7.

While each episode was wrapped up in an hour on the series, which ran from October 17th through the end of the year in 2014,  this series will be expanded. Many of the personalities interviewed, from President Barack Obama to Dolly Parton, will have extended interviews. In other words, if you liked the Sound City album, but didn’t have HBO, or liked the series and wanted to see more of it, you’ll have your chance to on April 7. For more information , check the band’s website.

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