Five new songs to check out – 12/13

Posted by on December 13, 2021


From Spite to Infected Rain, here are five new songs to check out.


01) Sylvaine – “Nowhere, Still Somewhere”


Norwegian multi-instrumentalist Sylvaine has announced her overall fourth full-length effort, Nova, will be released on March 4th, 2022 via Season of Mist (pre-order here). The artist has unveiled a Linnea Syversen-directed video for the first single “Nowhere, Still Somewhere.”


Sylvaine comments:

“‘Nowhere, Still Somewhere’ was one of the last songs I wrote for ‘Nova,’ and expresses the feeling of losing control, being unable to hold on to things or to move forward, despite how many efforts are made. Being a very personal song, on a very personal record, I knew the video for this song would be an intimate one, making the choice of director key. From the moment I meet Linnea Syversen, I knew she would be the perfect person to create such a special project with. Besides the help of Grayscale, who shot some amazing drone footage for us, and Hogan Mclaughlin, who lent us one of his wonderful garments, this video was created solely by Linnea and I, letting us go into this creative bubble together and spend hour upon hour shooting clips to underlie the emotional quality that ‘Nowhere, Still Somewhere’ holds. The video is fragile and strong all at once, abstract, yet touching and visually showcases the duality that is forever present in my music.”


Syversen adds:

“To work with Kathrine Shepard/Sylvaine has been very inspiring and exciting. ‘Nowhere, Still Somewhere’ is touching and strong at the same time and I instantly had images popping up into my mind while listening to the song for the first time. We had some real challenging shooting days, some of which were also really cold, but Kathrine was amazingly dedicated and resilient. After this collaboration, I’m left with a lot of good memories and feel so excited to show this one off to the world.” 


Nova Track List:

01) Nova 

02) Mono No Aware 

03) Nowhere, Still Somewhere 

04) Fortapt 

05) I Close My Eyes So I Can See 

06) Everything Must Come To An End

Bonus track

07) Dissolution




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