If you think of Five Finger Death Punch and their considerable amount of fans, you might think of them as NASCAR-lovin’, monster truck race-attendin’ type of people. You wouldn’t be far off the mark, especially since guitarist Zoltan Bathory is not only a fan, but a monster truck driver. He has his own truck, Knucklehead, that he got to show off over the weekend in Salt Lake City. He had a pretty good run with the truck, and by “pretty good,” we mean, he almost didn’t roll it over. Video footage shows him doing some pretty impressive jumps. It’s after he peals out and does some donuts when he takes a sudden sharp turn which leads to Knucklehead taking a spill.

Bathory seemed pretty unfazed about the whole thing, making a Facebook post about it stating “How to pop a car crash cherry” and promising cockpit footage of the spill. Good to know he’s OK, and this might be one of the more watchable things FFDP has done in a little while.