Five Finger Death Punch pull off the mannequin challenge

Posted by on November 11, 2016



Have you heard of the “mannequin challenge” yet?Basically, it’s a new viral thing that’s going around the nation, like the Harlem Shake or the ice bucket challenge, and it’s probably not going anywhere for a few weeks. Essentially, people freeze like they’re in the middle of doing something while a person films the scene going on around them. It’s kind of cool, and everyone from sports teams to Beyonce has done their own version. You can add Five Finger Death Punch to the list now too. They attempted it at a show, and for the most part appear to have pulled it off. It’s actually pretty impressive, even if it’s also kind of an ad for Monster Energy Drink. Zoltan Bathory posted the clip on his Instagram, and has pretty much raised the bar for other bands or artists attempting to get a record for doing it.

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