Fans of the Dark reveal new record release in November and unveil “Life Kills” single

Posted by on September 2, 2021


Sweden’s Fans of the Dark have made known plans to release their self titled debut album on November 5th of this year. Formed in 2020 by drummer and songwriter Freddie Allen, and lead vocalist Alex Falk, the band coalesced with bassist Robert Majd and guitarist Oscar Bromvall joining the project.

Freddie Allen described the new single like this,

“‘Life Kills’ was written during one of the worst years in recent human history, 2020. A year of suffering and loss for many people around the world, it inspired us to view life as the gift it is….something you should truly enjoy and live to the fullest, even if it means you have to remind yourself that someday it ends to be able to push yourself forward. The song needed an insanely driven guitar riff to make such a statement work and I think we got it, together with Alex’s [Falk] brilliantly inspiring take on the vocals.”

Allen added,

“I had written an album basically on my own during the pandemic. But I had Alex in mind all the time and I knew that he wanted to do this. His voice is just an absolute monster and I thought it would be interesting to hear that voice singing on top of some really great songs driven by guitars, bass, and drums. That was the start of it.”

On the future of Fans of the Dark,

“Now, all we want to do is record more albums and in the future play these songs in front of a live audience and really put on a show. I have confidence in the material, and in our abilities as songwriters and performers. 2020 was the worst year in recent human history, 2021 has already been a lot more hopeful, and I know that 2022 is going to be even better. So, bring it on!”


Check out “Life Kills” directly below.



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