Faith No More suffer from Separation Anxiety

Posted by on December 15, 2015

Faith No More had a fantastic 2015 with the release of Sol Invictus and a very busy touring schedule. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t want to promote more of their new record, which is why they’ve given us “Separation Anxiety.”

The video has footage from the 1955 film Dementia (aka Daughter of Horror) a movie with horror, noir and expressionist elements and, naturally, the music accompanies the video perfectly. Bassist Billy Gould spoke about the release of the video through Mike Patton’s label Ipepac Recordings:

“When you do it with a major, there’s nobody that you can talk to about accountability as far as… I don’t know… something simple, like, ‘You want us to do a video? Who wants us to do a video?’ ‘Well, the guy down in that office down there.’ I never met him before,”

“In this kind of situation we have here, we know everybody, we can talk to everybody. And it’s, like, ‘We need this video. We need it for this.’ ‘Okay. Let’s make it happen.’ And we know that the content that comes out of is our content, how we want it, and not some guy in an office who thinks they know who we are who’s giving this in front of all these people and embarrassing us, for example. Which happened a lot, actually. Even though we had a great label back in the day, but it’s an office of people who are not in our band, who [don’t] know us as well as we know ourselves.”

The band has no plans for 2016 as of right now but, considering the success this record has had, I’m sure we will see more of them in the near future.


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