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For the new video to “One Finger And A Fist,” off of the bands forthcoming album Reslience, Drowning Pool and director Jonathan Bertorelli decided to take inspiration from the film Fight Club. And while the movie is a cult classic, the band’s video makes up for the film’s distinct lack of women fighting each other.

“The video for ‘One Finger And A Fist’ is kind of a spin on Fight Club,” bassist  Stevie Benton explains in the video above. “Instead of Brad Pitt and Edward Norton beating the crap out of each other, it’s a bunch of hot chicks. I think we made the right call with that from what we’ve seen so far.” The clip, packed with blood, bruises and fighting, proves to be a fitting visual for the song about the need to fight for your life.

While the official video is online now, check out the exclusive behind the scenes video above (featuring commentary from Benton and new singer Jasen Moreno). You can also hear “One Finger And A Fist” in its entirety on the band’s websiteResilience comes out on April 9.