Epica unveil trailer for ‘The Epica Universe’

Posted by on February 14, 2022


Epica have revealed a first glimpse of The Epica Universe! And there will be more shared as early as later today (14th)! Watch the explainer trailer down below. For the 20 years, Epica has been cleaving their own path, defining the symphonic metal genre along the way. in this, the 20th year of their existence, the band has designated January to December as a time of celebration. Fans have much to look forward to in the coming months. Not the least of which is The Epica Universe. The band has checked in with the following update:


“For the first episode of our Epica Universe: Songs Explained series, Mark Jansen dug into ‘Kingdom Of Heaven Pt. 3.’ Find out how… – Coen Janssen official tied it into the ‘Kingdom of Heaven Pt. 1’ to make it sound like a snowy walk. – Simone Simons love of Tim Burton and how Corpse Bride inspired the song. – Coen Janssen official’s childhood memory of Dark Crystal. Become a citizen at EpicaUniverse.com to see the rest of the episode, as well as a new one that drops Monday!”



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