Epica are gearing up for their new EP, The Alchemy Project, out November 11th via Atomic Fire Records. Today (12th), these Dutch symphonic metal icons have unveiled their new single, “The Great Tribulation,” featuring Fleshgod Apocalypse. The upcoming EP is more of a sound off to conclude celebrating their overall 20th anniversary, with seven new tracks featuring thirteen bands and musicians to collaborate with, marking it something no one has seen or heard from Epica’s entire career. Their latest new single only enhances Epica’s natural orchestral arrangements with the added Italian symphonic death metal giants to the mix, something fans of both bands have been waiting to see. 


Mark Jansen comments:

“We know the guys and girl from FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE already for quite a long time and toured together. There’s a lot of mutual respect for each other’s music, so when we approached them to work together on a track, they were right away enthusiastic. I did send them some very basic ideas I had for two songs, so they could pick what they liked the most. They ended up using all the ideas and combining them into one song. That was already very promising. From there on, we organized several sessions where we worked on the song together. The process was very smooth and very inspiring. I think the result is a perfect blend between both bands!”


Stream the track below:



Epica are currently touring across North America with metal historian giants Sabaton! Check out the remaining tour dates at this location