Epica released one of their strongest albums in 2021 with Omega, which landed on Metal Insider’s #1 spot for our combined year-end list. While last year was a great year for these Symphonic metal masters, 2022 will be a full-blown celebration as it marks their overall 20th anniversary as a band. To celebrate this milestone, the group will be celebrating all year long, filled with surprises for their fanbase, including new projects and possibly new music revealed throughout the year. 

After recently relaunching their first three albums, The Phantom Agony, Consign To Oblivion, and The Score 2.0 via Nuclear Blast (available on CD, vinyl, and strictly limited earbooks and boxsets later this year), Epica have launched their own universe! 


The band explains about Epica Universe:

“We truly feel like there’s a universe within the band, a world of our own, and we want to invite our lifeblood to be citizens—Epicans, if you will”, the band explains. “Think of it as a sequel to past Epica fan clubs like “The Fantom Agony” and “The French Crusade” but updated for the modern era; it’s more fan community than a club. Epica Universe will give Epicans insight into our lives, both personal and professional, through exclusive behind-the-scenes photos, podcasts, polls, vlogs, live hangouts and much more. There’s even a (super limited) tier that includes one-on-one video calls with a band member each month!”


In more Epica news, the group will also celebrate their 20th anniversary with a show at the same venue where Epica played their first show at the 013 in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Tickets are available here


Check out what the band has planned for 2022 in the below trailer: