Progressive death metal outfit Entheos have signed with Metal Blade Records. Originally formed in 2015, the group has moved forward as a duo since 2020 with drummer/guitarist Navene Koperweis (ex- Animals As Leaders) and vocalist Chaney Crabb. The duo will release their currently untitled full-length record in early 2022.  


Koperweis and Crabb comment:

“We are incredibly excited to announce that we have signed with Metal Blade Records. Metal Blade is a pillar in the metal community and consistently releases music from many of the world’s greatest bands. We are proud to be associated with such a label and look forward to our future working together.”


The duo discussed the uniqueness of the band:

“We respect each other greatly – not only as artists, but as people. Our relationship and the mutual passion that we have for Entheos has consistently been the backbone of this band. We share a vision that we are unwilling to compromise – in music, art, live shows and beyond. Having been together romantically for ten years, we are very aware of how to play to each other’s strengths. In the creative process, we don’t just write for the sake of our own voice being heard, but what would complement both of our musical voices and vision. We don’t want anything about this project to be an afterthought, so in the creative and planning stages, it is crucial for us to see it together as a whole and understand how we both fit in.” 


On their new musical direction:

“We took the pandemic as an opportunity to reimagine every aspect of the band and plan on re-emerging stronger and more focused than ever with a new release. With this record, we are pushing beyond the boundaries of what we believe this band is. It is by far the heaviest and fastest record we’ve made, while simultaneously being the most dynamic and diverse showcase of genre-bending musicianship, melody and progressive themes. We are also more focused than ever on vocal performance, and Chaney will be incorporating pitched screaming and singing along with a more diverse metal vocal range.” 


Watch the teaser video below: