Eight awesome album updates – 4/13

Posted by on April 13, 2021

07) Subway To Sally to release new live Blu-ray/DVD/CD in June


Subway To Sally have announced their new Live Blu-Ray/DVD/CD, Eisheilige Nacht – Back to Lindenpark, will be released on June 18th via Napalm Records. A live video of  “Veitstanz (2014 Version)” is now available, and can be viewed below. Pre-order the live album here


The group comments:

“After 11 years of our “EISHEILIGE NACHT-tradition”, we definitely did not want that 2020 will be seen as a red “X” in the history of our festival series. So we thought about how we could provide our fans with the EISHEILIGE NACHT feeling at their homes, when we weren’t allowed to tour ourselves. An online concert wasn’t enough for us: EISHEILIGE NACHT is not only about meeting friends, but also being a highlight of the year – with several befriended bands performing live on stage. We wanted to implement all of this in one experience. We wanted to record this very special event where the EISHEILIGE NACHT originally began. Instead of playing a concert in an empty hall, we used the size of the hall, lined up in a circle and placed our guest musicians into our midst. This created new insights that have never been seen before in any SUBWAY TO SALLY concert film! We are very pleased that we can now, as requested by countless fans, record this event for eternity as a special concert film! “


The band explains “Veitstanz (2014 Version)” live video:

“The highlight of every EISHEILIGE NACHT is the joint finale at the end of the concert. The Veitstanz, shared with all guest bands, is a firm tradition and of course could not be missing from the EISHEILIGE NACHT ONLINE. Somehow the title is now almost medieval -traditionals. Especially with this song you can see what a great scene we are in. We are proud that we were able to conclude 2020 with the Veitstanz together with our guests, but also above all with our fans.”



Track List:


CD 1

01) Intro

02) Messias

03) Königin der Käfer

04) Unsterblich

05) Imperator Rex Graecourm

06) Dein Anblick

07) Kleid aus Rosen

08) Das Elfte Gebot

09) Sieben

10) Kalte Winde

11) Minne (FAUN Version)

12) Henkersbraut

13) Falscher Heiland

14) Tanz auf dem Vulkan


CD 2

01) Drag Me to Hell

02) Island

03) Kein Meer zu Tief

04) Arme Ellen Schmitt

05) Eisblumen

06) Sie tanzt allein

07) IX

08) Veitstanz (2014 Version)

09) Grausame Schwester

10) Alles was das Herz will

11) Aufgewacht

12) Ausgeträumt

13) Outro

14) Julia und die Räuber



08) Shun to release debut album featuring Lamb of God’s Mark Morton in June


Asheville, North Carolina heavy rock outfit Shun have announced their debut self-titled effort will be released on June 4th via Small Stone Records. The record will include guest appearances by Lamb of God’s Mark Morton and J. Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines, Government Issue). 


Listen to the new song “Run” below and pre-order the album here:



Track List:

01) Run

02) Sleepwalking

03) At Most

04) Machina

05) Undone

06) Near Enemy

07) A Wooden House

08) Heese

09) Once Again



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