Duff McKagan explains Faith No More “gimp” gig

Posted by on May 12, 2015

That tall guy walking around as the “Gimp” guy at a Faith No More show in April? Yeah, that was Duff McKagan, whom you might know from a little band he was in called Guns N’ Roses. So how’d he get such a wonderful gig?

Said McKagan on Huffington Post Live:

“Their ‘Gimp’ guy got stuck in traffic or something — something like that — and Patton asked if I’d be the ‘Gimp.’ And I’d just gotten to the gig, me and another friend. I’m wearing all black, and everybody else was wearing white. ‘Cause they [FAITH NO MORE] play in white, and everybody backstage, their crew, they all have white on. The guy I came with, Jerry Cantrell [ALICE IN CHAINS], he wore white, because he had gone to the show the night before. I picked him up, [and I said], ‘What are you doing wearing all white?’ He’s, like, ‘FAITH NO MORE white, dude.’ [I was, like], ‘Oh, yeah, I blew it.’ But being the only guy dressed in black, I was the instant ‘Gimp.'”

Not only was he the “gimp” for Faith No More, but Duff’s got a new book and a three-song EP out today, both called, “How to Be a Man: (And Other Illusions).”



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