Michigan thrashers Nagazi are releasing two new singles, including a heavy version of Motley Crüe’s “Kickstart My Heart” and an original track called “I am Vengeance.” The band’s new lineup, which includes bassist Jordan Myers and guitarist Tim Drexler, recorded both tracks. “I Am Vengeance” is Nagazi’s first original song with their new lineup, representing a creative shift for the group. The track is a testament to the band’s adaptability and survival in the face of numerous obstacles. It’s a punishing song that showcases their iron will to forge forward while being brutally honest. The singles are set to release on April 14th, but Metal Insider is premiering them today!


Jeff Hafer comments on the Motley Crüe cover:

“It was simple, really. We’d been playing the song on tour to fill time in our set, and we got a very strong reaction every night. It was very natural and organic how it happened, but our take on the song was uniquely heavy and off the rails, yet also surprisingly true to form. It felt really good and everyone kept telling us we needed to record it. We agreed, so we just went into the studio and did it.”


Watch the clip below:


Guitarist Tim Drexler comments on the new song:

“I wanted to write something that stands up for what I believe, even if it ruffles a few feathers.” Guitarist Tim Drexler adds “It’s not good for anything, least of all art, to censor yourself. With this song, my goal was to just get all those negative feelings out and move on. I think, for all of us, this song represents that catharsis.”


Listen to the track below: