Disturbed hope you see ‘the light’ in latest video

Posted by on November 20, 2015

Disturbed have released their second music video from their #1 album, Immortalized, this time for “The Light.” This is the second music video from Immortalized, the first being “The Vengeful One” which came out this past summer (and sort of landed the band in some hot water after the murder of two journalists on live TV).

Vocalist David Draiman explained the meaning behind “The Light”  in an interview with Loudwire:

“You know, the only way that you get to appreciate the darkness is by contrasting it with light. I think that people have utilized our music in particular to get them through the difficult periods in their lives, to triumph against adversity, to overcome obstacles. And it’s been my experience, with people in my life, or friends that I have or have had, that sometimes those periods in our lives that are dark ones can be so daunting and you let them overwhelm you to the extent that you succumb to hopelessness and you succumb to stagnation. And the truth be told, everything is a pathway. Sometimes you have to go through dark periods in your life in order to find the answer that you need, in order to become stronger, in order to see the light, per se. And it’s just putting things in that perspective.”

Disturbed will be doing a 19-date US tour starting in March of 2016, all in support of the fifth consecutive #1 album.





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